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Impressive story of the then pilot of Skyhawk 1er Hard Of Hearing Héctor Sanchez and of the Lieutenant Daniel Paredi of the attack of June 8, 1982, Air Force Argentina. Malvinas

Pleasant Bay – Secondly Attack
While the first attack was executed, that he confirmed the presence of the ships and without knowing still the worked out of the same, her FAS ordered one second attack against the naval objectives and as an alternative terrestrial objectives in the beachhead establishment Fitz Roy. These little angle brackets met taking off to the return of the first surge. The surprise factor had gotten lost already, and they were expected by the enemy that had reacted, and he met patrolling this area. That way they went out:

Three To 4B Skyhawk, index Mazo, layouts with three finger-shaped cream puffs delayed by parachute. Mission: Attack objective naval and Fitz Roy. Crew (1) 1erTen Rubén Bolzán (C 204), (2) Alf Guillermo Dellepiane (C 239), (3) Ten John Arrarás (C 226). They took off of a river Galicians, at 15:00.

Three To 4B Skyhawk, index I Hammer layouts with three finger-shaped cream puffs delayed by parachute. Mission: Attack realistic navaly establishment Fitz Roy. Crew: (1) 1erTen Oscar Berrier (C 212), (2) Alf Alfredo Vázquez (C 228), (3) 1erTen Héctor Sánchez (C 231). They took off of a river Galicians, at 15:00.

Next 1 for technical faults became the Hammer

They were already on water, still east of Pleasant Bahia, when they observed a barge of landing that navigated rapidly coastwards. Then, the N 3 (Sanchez) saw, at his right and arrive, to two Harrier throwing his missiles. One caused impact in the N 4, Alf Vázquez, and exploded. The second one caused impact in the N 2, Ten Arrarás, who ejecting saw it myself. You were not recovered.

Also the N 3 observed that the N 1, 1erTen Bolzán, your throw on a barge, Foxtrot made 4, that you were in need and he sank; He initiated turn to the left, he accomplished sudden evasive maneuvers, but it was caught up with for a missile Sidewinder and one could not eject. Then the N 3, 1erTen Sanchez, aborted his attack and he escaped of the persecution of the Harrier.

He arrived at the point of replenishment with impacts of shrapnel of anti-aircraft guns and next, at 18:00 SH, arrived to Río Galician.

There other three combat soldiers were forever more exposed as eternal sentries.

The re-grocery store Frugal 1, that he had taken off of a river Gallegos at 11:55 SH, right after replenishing the airplane of the 1erTen Sanchez, he detected a loss of own fuel, and started back.

At 17:45 SH and to 10 Río’s MN Galician proposed in emergency, SH managed to arrive at 17:56.

Four To 4C Skyhawk, index Yunque, layouts with three finger-shaped cream puffs delayed by parachute Misión: Attack naval objective in Fitz Roy. Crew: (1) CAP Mario Caffarati, (2) Have Atilio Zattara, (3) Have Daniel Paredi, (4) Alf Carlos Codrington. They took off of St. Julian at 15:36. They navigated toward the point of replenishment, where they replenished of the Frugal 2. The N 4 charged 1,000 liters less, for problems in their systems of fuel. When they led MN of the islands to 100, flying over limit of half a clouds and isolated downpours, went down to level line. The visibility was reduced by fog and crepuscular hour.

Around 5 MN before the realistic material, establishment Fitz Roy, the guide caught sight of the Sir Galahad, that was burning in your middle part.

They did not catch sight of CAP and the lot became blurred for lack of light; They could locate the target for the flashes of the anti-aircraft guns, (that it was intense from the front and sides). They made the throw in salvo, when the team of navigation Omega of the guide meant the target, around 1,000 meters inside the lot. They escaped under full originating air defense of the establishment and of the Northern hills. When having nothing head-on twilight, the missiles, what facilitated the evasion were seen neatly.

Regrettably, 3 and 4 did not throw its finger-shaped cream puffs and cannons on were latched to to them.

In the return, the N 3 caught sight of an enemy aircraft that was orbiting to 4.000/5.000 feet, and it continued to be grazing for this cause.

It managed to connect with the Frugal 2 that he replenished it. He also had loss of fuel, which is why it continued to be connected to the even next re-grocery store to the base.

The Anvils led the 1 and the 2 to San Julián at 18:00; And at 18:30 the 3 and in 4.


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